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cheer Up
October 3rd, 2010

cheer Up

Unfortunately, the week we tried to publish this comic, it was also Suicide Prevention Week at UConn. Needless to say, this comic never printed…


  1. horse_moves

    lame comic, who cares about the suicide part, they didnt print it because YOU SUCKK !

  2. horsePoo

    short, lame, unfunny, offensive, repulsive, shit, poop, crap, worthless, horrific, bullshit, wasteful, pathetic….need I go on?

  3. President_Taft

    I would surmise that horse_moves and horsepoo are the same person. I reject the claim that this comic is “poop”.

  4. maxx

    Great piece, short, simple and to the point, Kudo’s to you, a thinking comic must be too much for the haters.

  5. Some guy

    I chuckled.

  6. Twii

    Wow who knew horses were so aggressive

  7. Tubby

    Maxx - what’s to think about? He’s ripping off Up and Schindler’s List. One does not need to “not get it” to not like it. Grow the fuck up.

  8. not a horse nor fat

    Tubby. I would find it hard to take critique about maturity from a person who uses vulgarity and insult dose you disagree with. All the negative comments either say: “you sux, herp de derp” or “This is immoral and offensive. There can’t possibly be any humour in this! also you sux herp derp.”

    It is obvious that you sir don’t get what maxx is referring to.

  9. Justin

    How do I downvote these comments?

  10. Forty-two

    OK haters, go back to reading Family Circus…

  11. tubby_horse_troll

    comix online are so stoopids.

    (p.s. I liked it)

  12. Silver Surfer

    I laughed :)

  13. Mike Peener

    My favorite part was where this didn’t get printed.

  14. .

    Me too, Mike. Me too.

  15. Shirl

    It’s great to read something that’s both enjoyable and provides pragmatisdc solutinos.

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